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Jetstream of Houston

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Jetstream of Houston, a leading manufacturer of waterblasters, was planning to exhibit at World of Concrete, a tradeshow that would attract more than 55,000 attendees and 1,350 exhibitors. Given the size of the show, it would be hard for Jetstream’s 10×20 booth to stand out, even if it was in a high-traffic location—which it wasn’t.


In order to help drive traffic to Jetstream’s booth, Cooper Hong Inc. developed a pre-show mailer that targeted a very select audience of pre-registered attendees. Within minutes of the show opening, people were literally lined up at the booth. More than 200 people—a phenomenal 12-percent response rate—redeemed the poker chips they received for a Jetstream duffel bag. The client indicated that more than 30 of those were highly qualified, new leads. With a product that typically requires an investment well into six figures, that is a tremendous result.

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