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CHI was approached by Elitegen, an Illinois-based IT services provider who needed a design partner to develop the GUI (graphic user interface) for a Taiwanese manufacturer of elegantly crafted glass bottles. The challenge was to balance the industrial content of the site with the need to appeal to consumer businesses using the site to sell into the high-end perfume, cosmetics and food industries.

The site also needed to present content in Chinese, English and French languages to communicate with business buyers from global cosmetics and cologne producers. CHI designers worked collaboratively with Elitegen to deliver both a functional and graphically attractive design.


CHI created a look that highlighted UPGI’s industrial manufacturing technology and quality standards while illustrating their beautiful bottles using graphics that highlight the shape, color and design of the bottles. CHI made the website accessible in multiple languages by translating content for Chinese, English and French languages.


The completed project enabled the company to essentially market in two directions, converting prospects in the B2B spectrum while providing companies and consumers and appealing presentation of the manufacturing and design of the company’s unique bottles.

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