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Because the Valley Industrial Association (VIA) serves its membership of manufacturing, technology and service companies in so many ways, the  association’s website can be pulled in many directions with little room for engagement with potential new members.

For this reason, CHI was contracted to develop an integrated marketing program and micro website to assist the VIA’s focus in recruiting new membership. The project was a direct collaboration with the Executive Director to reach potential new members and provide an informative, quick overview of the merits of membership in the VIA.


CHI drafted copy focusing on Benefits, Events and Seminars; an About Us tab; and a Membership form to make it easy for new members to join.

Because membership needs to be approved by the Board of Directors at the VIA, the micro site was designed with immediate response notifications to let inquiring companies know their application from the web site was received. Similarly, an email is delivered directly to the Executive Director so that a phone follow-up call can be scheduled.

While planning for the membership program, CHI learned VIA was to earn a prestigious award for best association from a regional business publication. That recognition was woven into the copy for the micro site with the award logo and short description of the honor.

Additionally, an advertisement was designed by CHI for placement in the special section being published in conjunction with the awards. This advertisement promoted the microsite, targeting other quality businesses reached through the publication.

When the site was prepared to go live, the first direct mail marketing cards were sent out from the Valley Industrial Association to a targeted business list. The cards matched the design of the website but also sported a VIA-branded mug coaster affixed to the front of the card. This dimensional feature was immediately visible on the 6 X 9” marketing card, which also promised a free VIA coffee mug when a membership request form was filled out online.


The executive director uses inquiries to schedule appointments and make visits to interested companies. The integrated marketing program remains a “rolling enrollment” tool for the ever-growing VIA.

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